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jPlayer Audio Skin

For the first PSD of 2012, I’ve decided to go with a jPlayer Audio Skin that I’ve integrated into XO, my latest WordPress theme.


  1. Hi,

    Linking this JPlayer theme – Its Awesome!

    Just one question, does it work with jplaylist? I started messing with jplayer today and just now managed to get the blue monday theme to work with jplaylist. Naturally I’m dying to try some theme’s now…


    • Hi,

      Managed to extract the code from your XO site and do a little reformatting. I have your jplayer working with one of my songs.

      Unfortunately I cant figure out how I could combine the code for my jplaylist and your jplayer together. Your code calls a jplayer event to begin playback, and I dont know how to do this with a jplaylist constructor.

      Thanks for the cool theme,

  2. hi ,

    thank you for great stuff..
    i would like to know how do we insert this to our wordpress theme after we installed your clique theme ,

    thank you in advance ,

    regards ,


  3. Hi,
    your design look so clean. Great icon
    thanks for share.

    Hoang Mai

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